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Little knowledge about lighting

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Living room lighting should be configured to create a steady, generous, warm and warm environment, so that guests feel at home. A single or multi head pendant lamp is used as the main lamp in the center of the room. If the sofa after the wall hung a banner painting, can hold two proper size of the wall in the calligraphy and painting on both sides of the edge of the sofa can be placed on a floor lamp. This luminaire arrangement of both steady and generous, and the light sources can be selected according to different needs, but the lights, light up a room, or a single lamp alone, cuxi reminisce.
The study is a place for family members to work and study, and requires higher lighting. General work and learning lighting can be used locally lighting lamps, power to larger incandescent lamps as well. The main lighting adopts single chandelier and fluorescent lamp, the position is not necessarily in the center, and can be determined according to the specific circumstances of the room. The modelling of lamps and lanterns, style not too gorgeous, elegant Juanxiu as well, creating a need for people to read the quiet, tranquil and comfortable environment