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Lighting installation should comply with lighting principle

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Lighting installation should comply with the lighting principle, room lighting is not just to illuminate the interior, but in accordance with certain principles required to do, will have good decorative effect, reflecting the lighting function.
 First, lighting must ensure the realization of different lighting activities. Writing, games, rest, visitors, etc., no matter what kind of activities should have corresponding lamps play a role. This lighting should be a scientific distribution of light, so that people do not feel tired, not only conducive to eye health, but also to save electricity.
 Two, lighting to be able to foil the room more beautiful. Light to take care of the indoor image contours of the objects, the level and the main for some special furnishings such as ornaments, paintings, carpets, vases, and other fish, but also can reflect and even beautify its color.
 Three, lighting should be reliable and safe. Lamps do not allow leakage, fire and other phenomena, but also to open on the bright, a pass on the extinction